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Five for June 8, 2005


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1. I only have to get through today at work and then I have a four day weekend.

2. Graduation tonight.

3. Rained last night - not appreciating the thunder that made me jump out of bed and kept me awake, but appreciate the rain.

4. The check WAS in the mail.

5. Being able to order "picnic food" for a family gathering so I don't have to cook on those days off!

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1. Our 36th anniversary today, stopping at Cindi's Pub for a champaign toast. :mrgreen:

2. Taking a day off from work :mrgreen:

3. going down to Atlantic City :mrgreen:

4. Going to Immax theatre and walking the boardwalk :mrgreen:

5. Going out to a nice dinner :mrgreen:

6. Spending time away from home with my hubby...Priceless. 8):D:lol::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:


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1. That I had 27 years with my dear Earl and that I loved him enough to miss him as much as I do.

2. My new home - it is almost finished with all the changes I am doing and I love it.

3. Reunion last saturday with the kids I grew up with in my old neighborhood (like when we were 9 years old).

4. All the good news on the board recently.

5. All the press that lc seems to be getting lately, may that drive funding and research.

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