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Quality of life after lung removed


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Okay I have a question.

First, we didnt get very good news today at the hospital. I wont even bother to explain it for a couple days because I am sure it will change by then, because my dads doctors cant seem to agree on anything, they are driving me crazy. Any way, when I asked the onc. why they only did a lobectomy instead of removing his whole lung, this is what he said, we dont usually remove the whole lung because the quality of life with only one lung is not very good.

Well my first thought was David P. Oh my God! I cant believe he said that to me. I know my dad is way older than David was, but still, I cant believe he said that. I was LIVID, I know that there are some people out there living with one lung. You guys tell me I am not wrong, I would love to copy some stories and throw them at that doctor. I think he just didnt like me questioning anything they did. I thought who does he think he is talking to, someone they can tell lies to, or someone who doesnt know any better.

I am not saying I know alot about this disease, because it confuses me every day. I just know what I know. Please tell me if I am wrong. The quality of life after having a whole lung removed is not as grim a picture as he says, is it that different to having a lobectomy. Sorry but I am so angry right now.

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I don't have an answer to your question but I'm glad that you asked it because it certainly has been on my mind. My father had a lobectomy in Aug. 2000 and was Stage 1. No further treatment was suggested. Then 2 1/2 years later, he's stage 4. When they "opened him up", the cancer was right on the border where the staples were. Needless to say, I've been wondering if they had removed the whole lung, would he have had a recurrence. He's not David P's age either but his quality of life with 1 lung would most certainly be better than it is today as he is in the midst of his second chemo treatment and feeling pretty miserable. I can also relate to the "almighty" oncologist who doesn't like to be questioned and doctors who don't seem to quite communicate with one another.

I'm sorry your Dad got some bad news. I know how hard this is.

My prayers and thoughts are with you !


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Cathie-my husband had his entire left lung removed in June. He had to pass a pulmunary function test before they would agree to operate. He had one test right when he was diagnosed and another after chemo and rad.--just before the scheduled surgery. Our doc said that he would only operate if Tim could have a lung removed and still have enough function left to live without oxygen. I don't know if that's the criteria for every doctor or just ours. I'm sorry they couldn't operate, but maybe meds can shrink things up enough. I'll be praying that that is the case.

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