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After how many rounds of chemo are new scans done ?

gail p-m

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From what I know, most people get 6 rounds of chemo. I just wondered how many rounds of chemo before new scans are done to see the effectiveness of it? How many rounds of chemo are usually needed to show some result? For instance, if someone has no change after 3 rounds, does that mean the chemo should be changed or might it be effective after 5 rounds. (I have so much to learn; thank goodness for this message board!!!!!!)

One more question while I'm here == how do the doctors determine which chemo. to give? I've noticed many people get the Carbo. The other chemo is often Taxol, for some people Taxotere....

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Ihad 6 rounds of cabro & taxol. I had a cat scan after every 2 treatments.

the first 2 scans showed tremous reductions in the tumors!!! :D

yhe 3rd one didn't show any inprovement :cry: But it hadn't grown either!!!! :D

My Dr. said that I should have a cat scan evry 2 months & when it starts to grown we will start a new treatment.

Til then I am enjoying LIFE to the HILT!!! :lol::lol: I feel really GOOD!!!

Best than I have felt in 2 years!

I don't know how the Drs deceide what treatments to use.



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