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Pineapple and cancer ;)


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The pineapple could help to fight against cancer Arrange France-Press Sydney Australian scientists announced Thursday the discovery of a powerful anti-cancer agent in pineapple molecules, which could lead to the development of a new drug against the disease. The researchers of the Institute of medical research of Queensland (QIMR) indicated that their work had concerned two molecules of bromélaïne, an extract derived obtained starting from pineapple tails crushed used to tenderize the meat, to clear up beers or to dye leather. One of the molecules, CCZ, stimulates the immune system of the human body to destroy the cancerous cells while the other, CCS, block a protein called Ras, which is failing in 30 % of all the types of cancer. Tracey Mynott, researcher in Institut of Queensland, indicated that its team intended to discover why this substance drawn from pineapple had such effects on the biomaterials. "By seeking these components, we found proteins CCS and CCZ and discovered that it could block the growth of a broad range of tumours, including that of the centre, the lungs, the colonist, the ovaries or the melanomist", she indicated in an official statement.

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Headline & introduction:

Pineapple may help fighting cancer

Thursday, Australian scientists announced the discovery of a powerful anti-cancerous agent in pineapple polecules, which could lead to the develpment of a new treatment for the disease.

Summary of the article :

Work was done on two bromelaine molecules obtained from pineapple stems. One, CCZ, stimulates the human immune system to destroy cancerous cells whilst the other, CCS, blocks a protein called Ras which is deficient in 30% of all types of cancer.

Reasearch is aimed at discovering the reason for the action of CCZ and CCS, which can block the growth of a large range of tumors including those in the breast, lungs, colon, ovaries or melanome.

Although clinical trials will not be immediate, the potential of this work is immense according to TM, researcher. The way CCZ and CCS act is different from any treatment currently being used.

A two-year study is underway to determine the security of this treatment and find means to guarantee a stock of molecules. If it is positive, it will be followed by finding a commercial partner to undertake clinical trials on human beings.

Hope the above will be of use or bring hope to somebody here.

Anaïs, thank you for giving me the opportunity to give back a little of all this group gives me as a caregiver.


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