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What can I expect in the Months to come?

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My grandma was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. She is 84 years old and will not be seeking treatment. Since she isn't going to get treatment they are not going to test to find out what kind she has. What we do know is that they found spot on her lungs, her lymph nodes are swollen, she's had laryngitis for about 5 months now, and the epidural pain injections she was getting for back pain (caused by osteoarthritis) have completely stopped working so they are thinking it has spread to the bones. What can we expect in the upcoming months? I am getting married in January, is there any hope that she will be around for that? What kind of symptoms can be expected towards the end of her time? I've never really had to deal with this kind of sickness first hand. My dad had kidney cancer a few years ago, but it was caught so early that they removed his kidney and he required no further treatment of any kind. Please help me figure things out by helping me to understand what is happening to my grandma. Is there anything in particular I can do for her? Thank you to all for your prayers and words of kindness.

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You can expect to have sweet times of being together, and times of crying over what is happening. You can expect to laugh with your Gramma like you always have, and to feel normal happy. You can expect that she will have days that are better than others.

What can you do for your Grandma? Love her. Be there. Spend time with her. Share wedding details. Talk in all the ways you used to. If she wants to talk about where she is in her journey or what may come, let her. Overall just love her.


I will be praying that she gets to share your beautiful wedding day with you.


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I don't what I can add to what Val said--she put it beautifully. Just know that we all care for you. I'm sorry that your wedding plans may seem clouded by this relevation, but I hope you still enjoy this time, and can enjoy it with your grandmother. If you check out the success stories on the board, you can see that those numbers we are given are just statistics.

I wish I had more to offer you, but know you are among friends here.


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Thank you to everyone that wrote. We just had a fmaily reunion over the weekend and all of the out of town cousins were able to come in to see grandma. So far she seems to be holding up ok. She's weak, but part of that was already around because of osteoarthritis and low blood pressure. She's had that problem for quite awhile. I was able to show her pictures of my wedding dress and of the dress one of my cousins will be wearing (bridesmaid) I think as far as my wedding goes grandma is more worried about ruining it by dying too close to the day or by still being alive and not being able to go. We've all told her that she shouldn't worry about it and that if she isn't able to come to the wedding we will stop by after the ceremony so she can see us in our wedding garb. Anyway thank you all for you support. Still havn'e been able to find out what types of symptoms to expect as she worsens, but I do know that there is a lot we can do for her in the love department. My prayers go out to all of you that find the need to use this website as I have. Again Thank you.

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