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mets to lung, liver, spine


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I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice. My dad was just diagnosed as having a recurrence in his lung(one tumor) . It has also spread to his liver (1 tumor), and his lower spine with some soft tissue involement in that area. We are waiting on results from the brain MRI. He currently is in a lot of pain in his hip area. What can we do? What are the options? Do we have any? The doctor said that he was ineligible for surgery for the liver and lung. Why? He was scheduled to start a trial on Wed. (AMG706 with Paminitub?) This bone met makes him ineligible. Where do we go from here? Does anyone know the best route to take? He has been a patient at MD Anderson for 3 years. I would appreciate any info. Thank you so much.

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I can tell you why surgery is not an option. My husband had a single lung tumor and single liver tumor. After chemo he still had both. They decided it was possible that he had 2 primary cancers and so first did a liver resection and a month later did a lobectomy. Cancer all gone, right? No! Just three months after the liver surgery and two months after the lung surgery it was back in both the lungs and liver. He went through 2 major surgeries with no real benefit. This is why they do not do surgery. It was a hard lesson.

Currently, he is starting a new chemo. I would think that is what they will reccommend for your dad. Also, they could do radiation on the bone met, but I don't have any experience there. After you fail one chemo you just have to move on to the next. Just don't give up, I know I am not, although it can certainly be discouraging. Hope you get answers soon.

Karen H

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As Karen says, surgery is not normally done if the cancer is metastatic -- spread to other parts of the body. Once the cancer escapes the host, it can be anywhere and surgery would not remove all of the cancer. Why put someone through surgery if it isn't going to get all the cancer? That is the thinking.

If your dad has pain in the hip, it could be from the cancer, and radiation on the tumor in that area is an option. Also, chemo to attack all the cancer that may be present.

What a lot of people don't realize is that not all the cancer cells may be seen by the scans. Some are too small to see until they grow larger.

Don't panic (easy to say). Hold onto the hope. My wife had metastatic cancer mostly to the bones, has fought it many times with chemo and radiation, and she is still living a good life after almost three years (she was given 9 mos.). Best to you and family. Don

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So sorry to hear that your dad is having so much pain. Dennis's also had mets in his spine and had a lot of pain. We found that radiation seemed to help the pain. I have to say that I believe MD Anderson is one of the best cancer treatment centers available. Make sure the doctors are aware of your dad's pain level. Sometimes men don't always let the doctors know just how intolerable their pain really is. I hope your dad feels better!!!

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Sorry to here the prognosis on your husband. I cannot help you with your question but I see you are getting many responses from people who have had experience on this.

This is a great support group and we are here to help you get through this.

You are at an excellent facility and they will come up with a treatment that will benefit your dad.

You will feel much better once he starts treatment. Rest assure he is in good hands there.


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