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Can I please ask a question? Barry continues to do very well on iressa but of course there is always the worry of the drug failing. Several members have said that in these circumstances alimta is the next option. However, I can't seem to recall anyone having real benefit from this drug. The side effects also seem problematic. Our onc says second line chemotherapy with Texotere would,in his opinion, have a significant chance of helping or perhaps a switch to tarceva. Does anyone have any ideas?


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My husband Jeffrey has had terrific success with Alimta after the failure of Carboplatin/Taxol and Tarceva. I know that many of our members have had side-effects but for Jeff it has been great Not only is he still able to work every day but he has had signifigant shrinkage in all tumors to the point that when they went to cyberknife his liver met it had shrunk so much that they had to re-calculate all of the original data. I guess you never know which chemo is going to be the "magic bullet" and how long the magic will last.

Serenity and Prayers,


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My wife is waiting on results of 5 rounds of Etopocide also for testicular cancer and Lung cancer Was on tarceva for about 6 months before failure occured Best wishes

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My Dad is currently on Alimta and Avastin. He is extremly tired and has low blood pressure. Chemo does seem harder on him than in the past, but it is working! He tried Tarceva for 2 months but didn't work. Doctor said Tarceva works in non-smokers (Dad quite 25 year ago) and women mostly. Wish you best of luck in finding the right treatment.


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