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Still good news

Guest Cheryl Schaefer

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

:D Dick and I are still at MD Anderson. Good news still coming:

1. After 35+ days of no treatment, all tests from Anderson say cancer is still confined to one lung; no spread, stage IIIB vs. Stage IV here.

2. Surgery, which we were told was not an option, is going to be their recommendation.

3. One more test tomorrow to see proximity of tumor to wall between two lungs. If so, they will radiate and do chemo - hopefully which will work - to shrink prior to surgery. Also will give lung function test to see how he will do with reduced lung capacity. They would remove a portion of the lung.

So - very hopeful. I encourage all of you to seek out those second opinions, even in a late stage diagnosis like this. We went to the best Onc. here and got a very different picture once going to MD Anderson.

Will keep you posted. Cheryl

Wife of Dick

Diag. 6/13/03 Stage IV nsclc

Now at Anderson with a ray of hope

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You know, I have to say, that of a lot of the wonderful places that we all talk about on here, it seems that MD Anderson is one ofthe most innovative and aggressive particularly with lung cancer. They see to amost alway have an optionor people. I am so happy that you guys went there!! Very interesting how one oncologist/hospital; says it is in stage four, an inopeable, while another well known oncology hospital (MD Anderson) says that in fact it is stage 3, and operable. VERY interesting!!!! Good for you guys!!

Anyone wondering about second opinions, this is why everyone should get one froma well known cancer center

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