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SSA is killing me


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I can't believe this. ANOTHER letter from ssa. Sorry for the griping, but this is rediculous. I applied for ssi when I was diagnosed - friends told me it took so long - better to get my claim in. I was processed within a couple of months and started receiving checks in Nov. 2002. Ever since then I have received - this is no kidding - about two letters a week. Changing my check amount, oh we overpaid you two months ago, BILLING me in some months I DON'T EVEN GET A CHECK! My hubby got a raise - check dropped substantially - then they billed me for ANOTHER overpayment. I have been a stay-at-home mom for 13 years and going to school - was supposed to finish last Sept. and start looking for work - we all know that didn't happen!

Now, I am SO FRUSTRATED! My hubby, although his employer was very helpful through my illness, well, he makes less than poverty level income. Because I wasn't working and this is SSI (I think) we aren't even allowed to have vehicles worth more than $3000(total)!!! UNLESS we buy a NEW one and have BIG payments that somehow offset the value of the car! HOW CAN I HAVE A CAR PAYMENT???!!!

Sorry for the ranting - this just really SUCKS!! I dread going to the mailbox each day for fear I have YET ANOTHER LETTER FROM SSA - they are usually 5-6 pages long and a royal pain in the a**$, if you get my drift. Does everyone have this same problem?? Is it just me?? My husband thinks I should complain that my caseworker is just screwing me up - but I don't want to tick him off completely! Any ideas??


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Hi Terri,

Just read your post of July 29th and know how flustered one can get with SSI. Don't let it worry you. These overpayment and underpayments are a constant item when one is getting ssi and income is coming into the house by either the disabled individual or the spouse or some other means. In your case it is your spouse's wages as I gather from your post. When you get your check each month it is based on past wage info of your husband's as I am sure you may be aware of and because of that, overpayment and underpayment occur constantly. Either you/your husband or his employer is sending in his wages to SSI every month or every quarter and when those wages get input into the computer, it sends out the letters because you had already been paid based on past wages and now the up to day wage is showing up. I am assuming that his wage is the only reason for the overpayments/underpayments. I also assume that you know that the wage info they are telling you about in the letter is correct for if it is not then there is another problem.

It is not easy being sick and getting all those letters but beings SSI is a needs based program, income coming in or resourses changing, will constantly cause you problems all the while you receive it, but hey, be happy you are receiving from some program while you are disabled and i don't mean that in any smart way, just be glad there is a program one can get benefits from. If you can't afford for SSI to take out the amounts stated in the letters in order to clear the overpayment, call your local office and tell them and they will change the amt to what you can afford. They will work with you in anyway they can.

If you want to talk with me personally, you can pm me anytime and i will try and help.

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