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Before i ask this Question i first want all to know that as a Catholic i can not comprehend the thought and i'm just curious as to the answer's i might hear so here is the Question..........


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I have no religion, per se, but I am FAR from an atheist. I pray all the time - I just don't have a name and a face. I draw from my family's judaism and protestant christianity, my new family's (in-laws)catholicism and the buddhism and other eastern faiths behind the yoga I do.

so for me, the idea that there might not be a deified entity loving and caring for me would be a slight dissappointment, BUT...

love would still be real, and that's good enough for me.

make an sense? I dunno.



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I was raised in a very religious home and never even second guessed the possibility of no God or no hereafter. Then, as I became an adult and ventured out into the world, I would hear this discussed. Although I considered it an interesting topic for discussion, that was all it ever was for me, as my belief in God has always been very strong. I always needed the structured concept of right and wrong, good and evil and God and the devil to keep me straight! When Dennis became ill, I was a very angry person and at times I even became angry with God. I soon got over that. Now, I do believe in God and the hereafter. But, I try to live my life everyday as if that day could be my last. I try to be a good parent, friend and neighbor. I try to follow the Golden Rule. When I lost Dennis, I started to really live like today could be my last!

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Hmmm interesting question.... I don't think for one minute it would change the way I am, or the way I live my life. I do not live my life because of the promise of a "hereafter" I live my life because of a promise of a "today". I was raised Irish Catholic and have a very strong belief system, but not a "tradional" Catholic one. Being divorced and remarrying changed alot of my views on the church and its man-made rules. I believe God is everywhere, I believe I don't need to go into a building to pray to him. I believe that even if I died tomorrow and found out there was no "hereafter"... I would not regret one minute of the way I lived today.

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"Proof" is something a group of scientists or other fact-based theoretically impartial observers by concensus declare to be, in fact, true.

What constitutes proof is decided, then, by men.

What constitutes Faith, however, is up to man.

Interestingly enough, when scientists get down to the molecular ordering of life, and subatomic string theory, and fractals, and things of such detail and order and beauty many of them will tell you that their faith in God is increased. I know mine was.

I bet Mamma Gump had something pithy to say about the nature of "proof".



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