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Race for the cure


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Did the race ( my wife and i WALKED!!too old to run) for the cure (Breast Cancer) here in Scranton Pa this past weekend. 8000.00 runners and walkers all donating at least $20.00 per person and some donated much more. What a great feeling to see 8000 people supporting and hoping for a cure to this terrible disease. With support like this lets hope a cure is coming soon. Just wanted to let you all know there is a lot of support here in NE Pennsylvania.

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Good for the two of you, Bill! Glad to see you here, thought you FORGOT us!

FYI...the Relay for Life here in Lancaster, PA took place in June. I believe it is one of the largest in the country. It earned just shy of $1 million dollars!!!! Yep! I posted this somewhere a long time ago, but not sure anyone saw it. I do think the total was around $970,000!!!! Wonder how much for LC????


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That is great news Bill. Iam so glad you participated in that race.

Don't forget, we here in South Jersey, (not that far from Scranton or Lancaster ,only 20 minitues from Fox Chase Hospital) are having our walk for Lung Cancer on I think Nov. 5th. Would love to meet you guys.


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