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Another personal opinion alert:

He gives good information in that article. One thing does bother me, though, about the website, and that is the emphasis placed on having a certain mental attitude of optimism, drive, &/or a "fighting spirit". There was research at one time suggesting that "fighting spirit" made a difference in survival, but that has since become discredited by subsequent research. I think the danger in emphasizing the fighting spirit is that those who decline and eventually die might be blamed for not fighting hard enough, not wanting to live, not believing they could be cured. Every cancer patient gets discouraged, and no one should be led to think that those feelings are wrong.

I'm sure the gentleman does not mean to imply that anyone is responsible for their own decline or death, but I can imagine people drawing that conclusion, esp. when in the depths of cancer-related depression. All feelings, good and bad, are legitimate, and deserve acceptance.

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