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Scans postponed...

gerbil runner

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Mom (bellringer) was supposed to have a brain MRI and CT scan today. But she was sick - throwing up and just plain lousy. So the scans are rescheduled for next Thursday and a week from Monday.

Dad and I are very worried about her. She has very little appetite, gets nauseous a lot, and has some abdominal pain. I wish she had felt able to go for at least one of the scans today, but... :?

It's going to be hard waiting.

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Has your mom ever had seasonal allergies? I was sick with a high fever on 9/12 and am still not feeling the greatest. I think it started out as a virus and then morphed into allergies for me - I no longer have a fever, just a lot of post-nasal drip and choking. I have all those fun allergy issues: poor appetite, fatigue, foggy head...

Maybe she has a bit of a bug and some allergies to boot?

Hope she's feeling better soon and the scans come out great!


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Hi Jen,

Sorry about the set back for your mom. It is so frustrating when these dilemmas happen and there is nothing you can do. I understand how worried you are, that is your mom and she is not feeling good. That has to be so scarey for you. I pray that she will be feeling better.

Before you know it, she will have her scans done.

Hang in there, things will get better. Please believe that.


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