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Glevac-Has anyone been on it?


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Need feedback on Glevac please.

Still don't have all the results back. We agree it has spread, but conflicting reports on where. CT and PET are saying some very opposite stuff. My Onco got pissed and called the radiologists supervisor. Wants full new review and new report.



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Jen: First of all, good for your onc. He should be your advocate with respect to other medical personnel. Re the Glevac, I have not been on it but everything I've read says that it has alot of promise for Non-small cell. We can only hope that those promises hold true for small cell as well. Thinking of you every day.

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Jen -

My Mother-in-law was on Gleevac for a clinical trial for ovarian cancer, which turned out to be unsuccessful and they closed the trial fairly quick. The one thing that I remember from her experience was MAJOR fluid retention (fluid retention was listed as a side effect) but that could have been due to the cancer or the combination of the two. I haven't read anything about this for LC but hope that it will do the trick for you!

Much Love,


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I know nothing about it, but hope it does you some good, Jen. And kudos to your Oncologist -- can't tell you how many times that happens to me with Radiologists. Well, actually I can tell you -- it happens every time. Every time.

It's why I no longer as for "wet reads" - I just wait until I see the Oncologist who makes some sense out of things. I'd like to get all these Radiologists in a room together and tell them they can't come out until they are all in agreement. Ha.

But whatever -- you just take care, and let us know how things are going. Ok? We care about you -- and I think about you often.


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