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HELP ! What do we NEED?

Donna G

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I have been working with Connie for several years now trying to get the word out about lung cancer, that it should not be just shoved aside as a smokers disease. That just saying DON'T SMOKE on TV ads is not enough , WE ARE LOOSING GOOD PEOPLE EVERY DAY, teachers, Mothers, Dads, etc.

For the Cancer Awareness Event this thursday Oct. 6 my husband is helping making things to put on posters that we will display at the Mall. My husband asked me point blank, "what is it exactly that you want" "I will make it up for the poster"

Here are some of my ideas:

1. Funding for Research to develop a reliable, reasonable cost, screening tool that can be available to everyone.

2. Funding for Research to develop chemotherapy sensitivity testing so the best chemo is used to treat the disease.

3. Funding for Research to develop less toxic Chemotherapy.

4. Funding to research less invasive types of biopsies, and surgery and the training of Doctors to perform these procedures. This would make rehabilitation easier, decrease chronic pain.

5. Public education about Lung Cancer

6. Activism , people to Raise Funds for research by

organizing Walks, Runs, Golf Tournaments.

7. Large Corportations to join the fight, by donating a percentage of their profits to Lung Cancer Research.

8. At least a percentage of the Tobacco Settlements to be used for Lung Cancer Research.


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Those are all the good ones Donna! :wink:

I hope our friends here will be able to add a lot more to this list.

1, To be able to see Lung Cancer Issues become as

important in the Public eye as Breast cancer is.

2. To hear them advertise "Novemeber is Lung Cancer

Awareness Month"

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1, To be able to see Lung Cancer Issues become as

important in the Public eye as Breast cancer is.

2. To hear them advertise "Novemeber is Lung Cancer

Awareness Month"

Yesterday I was in the grocery store, the one that I do about 75% of my grocery shopping business in.

When I got up to my turn to pay for my groceries the man ringing up my groceries asked if I would like to donate $1.00 to breast Cancer research, I said sure and he added for $1.00 more I could have a pink bracelet.

I said no thanks and asked if they would be promoting Lung Cancer awareness month next, this man looked at me like I was completely nuts.

I then said are you going to be offering clear bracelets all through November for Lung Cancer donations and again he looked at me like I was nuts.

Well, I'm not nuts but I was insulted. I'm going to have to pay a visit to the manager of that store and ask about next months promotion.

All during prostate awareness month I was asked to donate every time I bought something at that store.

Last year about 1/2 way through November my mother sent an e-mail to one our local TV stations reminding them that Novmber is Lung Cancer awareness month and she did get a response from an anchor man telling her he'd look into it, but nothing was ever said on that news station.

This year I'll contact them early and give them plenty of time to FIND something to do for the month of November.

People relly ARE unaware, I was until my father got the disease.


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Kathy, I know just what you mean! :roll:

Maybe now it would be a good time for you to go back to that store and offer some kindhearted education on Lung Cancer and share with them that Lung Cancer Awareness Month IS the month of November.

You can go or call your Courthouse and ask for a copy of the Proclamtion if your state has done that.

They will gladly send you one, or you can pick one up. It's nice reinfocement! :wink:

Good for you! I'm sure you won't let this drop!

Nor would I!

We should ALL start writting our Local News Stations and Newpapers or calling them and let them all NOW that November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

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