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RBC Normal!


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Hi Folks,

O.K. it isn't like "big news," but we need some "good news. I believe that it was Shellie Mac who said "there hasn't been much good news lately." She is right! So, I am glad to say that my RBC came back normal! No anemia atleast, and my platelets are also normal. My WBC is low, as is to be expected by the chemo. Chemo wouldn't be delayed because of that, would it? I haven't talked to my chemo onc for a while and will meet with him Mon. before I start back on my scheduled treatment.


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Hay girl,

It all sounds great your wbs count wont hold up anything.

If your heboglobins (sp? go down to about 8 or 9 then that could be a problem but my doc said it will not go down to that because as soon as it goes down below 13 they hit me with procrit an it goes up again. Also my patelits (sp?) went down from 250 to 150 and they still were not worried.

You remind me of me with chemo. I think your gonna do great.

Plud Virgos are tough.

keep us posted

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