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feeling great - still have blood problems


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I went for my second chemo of this cycle and again had a problem with white blood count. They elected to give the chemo and the next day I had to go back for a shot of neulasta. Hope it helps me.

I have felt so great the last week and a half - like I wasn't ill. I even swam yesterday and the day before - for the first time since May. And I did almost a mile. They think the change is related to a reduction in the dosage of my chemo. I hav a week off, so I hope the blood counts rebound.


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I was told that while undergoing chemo and any time my white cells crashed I should not swim, nor visit spas or hottubs. I'm not exactly the spa or hottubbing type, but I do like to swim. You may want to ask your Physician about the safety of swimming in your present situation.

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