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Expectations of 2ND Scan


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I know there is not really anyway of knowing, but I was wondering what to expect. My mom had her first Pet Scan after 2 cycles of chemo and the scan showed 50% reduction of main tumor and all other spots were gone. This happened about 6 weeks ago. She continued on her same path of chemo and went through 2 more cycles. Yesterday she had an exclusive cat scan done. We are in the process of waiting for the results. She has not had any setbacks along the way. She has gained 8 pounds since first treatment. I was just wondering if there is anyway of knowing what the scan should indicate. Should we expect continued improvement or is there just no way of knowing. Thanks.

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Troy, No way of knowing until you get the results back, that's the hard part the wait. Having no set backs, 50% shrinkage and gaining 8 pounds during treatment is very encouraging. I would say a positive attitude never hurts. Prayers for the best for your mom and let us know when you find out. Rich

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