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blood clot


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What a week.

Update: Dad had last WBR on Monday. he threw up even though they stopped his amisphostine (sp) becuase they thought that was what was making him feel so bad. He had Taxol yesterday. This morning he had pain and stiffness in his right hand. It is a blood clot. Heparin and hospital stay for 3-5 days.

I am bummed and so is he. This puts off his gamma knife procedure till next week. Now his hair is falling out in clumps and the chemo is on a break. Astros are blowing the World Series. The only joke I could make is at least his right hand can't write any checks to pay his medical bills this week. All he has to do is sit quiet for a few days. They aren't going to stick a scope into any orifice. javascript:emoticon(':D') He can eat anything he wants and have morphine on demand.

I have to guess this is common?

Keeping all of ya'll in my prayers. Healing thougths to all on this message board. WE'll get through this.


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I know the set backs are so frustrating. my mother developed a blood clot in her lung after her surgery. it was very serious, but she is just fine. where is your dad's clot? they gave my mom a filter (which thanks to Fay A. was not a total shock!) to prevent further pulmonary embolisms. she went on Tinzaparin (apparently the same thing as Heparin) but developed another serious complication after that, so now she's on coumadin. the clot was gone as of her last chest xray. your dad will be fine, you're being so vigilant - he's lucky to have you.

as for the Astros, I miss Andy so much. Roger, that's another story. :evil:



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Sadly blood clots are fairly commom with lung cancer. Some are diagnosed because of clots first. Heparin is the best drug for its treatment. When off IV heparin - Levenox which you inject like insulin into your belly is best. It is low moleculare weight Heparin. For some reason Coumadin which is used a lot for people who have clotting problems does not work as well when lung cancer is involved. Donna G

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Yes, DonnaG is right. Lovenox is the preferred treatment after the IV heparin because it is a weight specific dosage and coumadin is much harder to get the dosage right.

I've been on Lovenox since July. My doctor says I have to be on it for 6 months. I'm almost there, that will be December.

I have to say that I am V E R Y proud of our Astros! They have overcome ALOT to get to the World Series and they are playing well. We just have some issues in the 9th inning! :?


Sorry, just had to show my support of the hometown team.


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DOn't apologize for loving those 'Stros!!!!

I love the Astros and the Red Sox. BOth teams are blessed by bi-polar saints. Up and down up and down. But, oh,what a ride!!!

Thanks all for the good advice about Levenox. At first I was bummed thinking that this was a chemo deal breaker. His blood counts are good and he didn't lose weight this week. I just feel that every day must be a good cancer fighting day. Truthfully, he has more good days than bad so the battles wages on.....the only bad days are the ones when I don't have a sense of humor. He is staying in hospital for observation and to also have the port changed to his chest from his right arm. the clot is inhis right hand. He will have an ultra sound of the site tomorrow. Staying positive is the most important thing.

I love this site so much. You all are so generous and kind to each other here. I wonder wheter it is ok to say this but...I am proud to be a member of this terrible club.

Hugs of healing to all in need and power to vanquish this horrible beast called LUNG F@$%ing Cancer, pardon my French.


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