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bone met symptoms


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As most of you know we are waiting the results of my dads testing to see if the cancer has spread but that wont be until the 12th so im a little impatient. What i was wondering was what is the symptoms of bone mets? My dad has pains in his back its a spot on his 3rd lumbar vertebrea... but it only hurts when he coughs. does the bone hurt all the time when you have cancer mets? I just want to know NOW whats goin on ya know? all your help is greatly appreciated

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My moms hurt all of the time in her rib and shoulder. Later she started having pain in her hip. That's all I can tell you.

One more thing...... Using the wise words from Don "Don't borrow trouble, wait until it comes knocking at your door". It's hard I know but all we have right now is the present.

Hugs, Shelly

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Now don't get too excited too soon. Alot of things can cause pain. Bill has a pain in his calf which we suspected was a met and they have done all the tests to find nothing there. Bloodwork showed everything normal - sodium, potassium, etc. So until we know more his painkillers are helping and we can't get too excited.

Blessings to you,


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Christy, some bone mets hurt and others don't. If they hurt, they are usually constant. Lucie had bone mets on her upper spine, left pelvis and right sacrum that hurt a lot. She also had mets in her skull, a rib and the right tibia that did not hurt. The three that hurt a lot were irradiated and the right tibia was also irradiated because it was threatening the integrity of the bone. Don

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