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Hi Marie.

Just adore your last post. It really helps to know what you are up against and that now you have a plan of action.

You will busy, busy, busy everyday with something. At the end of your treatments, you will miss all the folks that you will meet along the way who will become instrumental in getting you well again.

Lots of us stage lllb survivors. I am so happy that some return every once in awhile just to say hello to us regulars and to let us know that they are doing okay.

Chemo and rad. is no picnic. Make friends with all your caregivers. They are a wealth of information and can help to guide you over any rough spots that may come up.

Sounds like your onc. has proposed a fair treatment plan and that is in place for you.

Smile everyday you wake up is great advice from jimben. And please change the last line of your profile now. I think it is more of an affirmation for you that you need to be scared. You don't. It is okay if you are. But, there are so many good feelings that will come along, I just don't want to see the dominant fear get in your way of enjoying all the rest of them. I hope you take no offense. Giving the best advice to a fellow lc warrior!!! You go, girl...!!!

Cindi o'h

:D no evidence of disease after 3 years.... stage lllb.

Do you hear this, Marie???? :D

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You go girl!!! You are a survivor. We all were scared like you, not knowing what to expect. If you get sick, let your doctor know. There are medicines now that they can give you. Each person is an individual situation. Listen to your body, you know what makes it feel better. Drink insure or boost for nutrition and gatorade for electrolites and lots of water. Don't let your body dehydrate.

I was diagnosed March 2003, Stage 3a-b, had 38 radiation treatments and chemo once a week for 6 weeks. When I finished that I had a 2 month break then chemo again every 3 weeks for 4 months. I ended chemo Oct 2003, nothing since. In April 2004 had a brain met, surgery to remove tumor, stereotactic raation (one treatment).The power of healing is to think positive and say you WILL survive... Keep fighting.

We are all here for you and will be your support. This site has been my saving grace. When you feel down, come here. We all know what you are going through. There is a lot of comfort here.

Keep us posted,

Blessings, prayers and hugs,


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Now that you have a plan be prepared to be busy. It will take moxie to get through all of it but it is doable and well worth the effort. I am proud of you for deciding to "go for it". I am almost three years out and I was diagnosed with II/IIIA. I had my initial surgery, chemo and radiation. No treatments since. I feel good most of the time and am so very happy that I completed my treatment instead of saying no. Welcome to the "club".


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