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Welcome Genie,

Sorry to hear the news about your Dad. I found a great website after my Mom was diagnosed...www.blochcancer.org

Check it out it really helped us with our attitude about beating cancer.

But, be careful about some other websites..they can be very depressing and make you feel hopeless which is the worst thing.

Good luck and keep us informed.

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Welcome Genie, take some time and search through the posts here, most likely whatever questions you have, the answers and suggestions can be found here. If there are any specifics just post them and I am sure you will get answers.

What type of Lung Cancer was diagnosed? Small Cell or Non-small cell?

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Hi Genie,

I have to totally agree with the suggestion of looking at the Bloch website. I wish I had known about it when first diagnosed. Knowledge will help with this whole ordeal, but also don't let statistics overwhelm you. Don't hesitate to ask the oncologist any and all of your questions. It is very important to partner with the doctor(s).

Best of to your whole family through this...I pray for everyone dealing with and touched by this disease.



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Hi, Genie! Welcome to the site. Cute little lady in the picture! My wife has Stage IV non-small cell lung cancer. She has had chemo and radiation since her cancer was mostly in the form of bone mets. Right now she is on maintenance to try and keep the cancer at bay. Good luck and keep in touch. Don

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