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The NBC 11 pm news tonight is showing a piece on Dana Reeves talking about her lung cancer diagnosis for the first time in public. Check your local listings to see if it will be shown in your area (I'm in NYC.) Thank goodness she's TALKING. Also, I didn't hear or see anything on TV or in the papers about today being the Great American Smokeout - and I do follow the news. It just wasn't around? What gives with that?


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My son's school did something for Smoke Out Day (he came home w/ a sticker on that said "Kiss Me, I don't smoke".

I also did an interview that ran today on a local NJ channel, where they talked about Smoke Out day.

I also saw a sign in a food store this morning that they were doing a Quit Smoking session tonight.

But you are right -- It didn't seem as previlent as it has in years past.

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