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More Rome photos- we took 500 pictures!


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Don't worry...you won't have to look at ALL of them! :wink:

Here are some more I added since the last post. I'm geting faster at uploading them. I'm having a blast reliving the experiences. Hope this is not overkill. I sure don't want to be like that relative who shows up at holidays with a slide projector of summer vacation photos! :roll:



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These pictures are great - makes you realize how young America actually is. I love history, and the way people used to live so I am sure Rome would just fascinate me. Until I can afford to go there, I'll just have to settle looking at your pics.

And don't worry about overkill. It's not like we HAVE to go to the link if we don't want to. Unless of course you're preparing a quiz... 8)

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