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cindi o'h

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Every year for as long as I can remember, Dave's Mom bakes Thanksgiving pies.

Two of them.

Dave's crew is set up in Dave's Mom's humble kitchen, Where she says, "Well, Da-VID,...."

Dave tries to guess what kind of pies Mom baked this year and finally she reveals what kind she did bake. It is really quite exciting!

And we all love Dave's Mom! She is a darling woman who gave birth to a son who still teases her relentlessly.

This year I think it is pumpkin and peach.

Anyone else want to give it a guess? :)

Cindi o'h

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She bakes the pies for the family's Thanksgiving dinner every year. They didn't talk about who was coming this year. Dave always has her open the fridge (kids always need to see what's in Mom' fridge, right?) to see what is in there. This year it was a single can of Red Bull.

Mom says.. "oh, Da-vid"....she is always so sweet to him and he teases her so badly. They are nothing alike. She just loves and accepts him.

No Christmas pies. Only Thanksgiving. Every year it is pumpkin. She hasn't strayed from that.

I love Dave and Dave's Mom. I would really like to see his show in NYC. It would be wonderful.

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