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?? re oncologist comment about radiation?


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I am baffled - before my FIL started chemo, I went to the onc appointment with them. The onc was not recommending radiation at all. I asked why not, and he had a reasonable explanation, which I ran by all of you and it made sense. We talked about whether my FIL should talk to the radiology people anyway, just to get their take - onc said by all means talk to them, but my FIL said no, he just wanted to get started with the chemo.

Talked to my MIL today, and my FIL was having his third chemo treatment. She said that the onc said he wanted FIL to meet with the radiology people - why would he be thinking radiation was necessary now? We haven't had any scans or anything, and as far as we know, he doesn't have a tumor anywhere else - they removed the part of his lung with the tumor.

I called the oncs office, and of course they won't talk to me - in fact, they don't even have authorization to speak to any of the kids, so hopefully we can get them to rectify that.

Any thoughts? Maybe my MIL just got what he said messed up? Maybe he was talking about him going to radiology for the scans after chemo treatment was over?

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It could possibly have something to do with the lymph nodes. I know that surgery was not an option for me because of the mediastinal lymph nodes that were affected. Radiation and chemo together was the standard treatment.



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Thanks for your response Jamie, but that confuses me even more. The onc knew the pathology prior to when we met with him to discuss treatment options, and he said that because the tumor was removed by surgery, there was no clear benefit to radiation. Made sense to me at the time, but I am no doctor!!

Personally, I don't think that they would have done the surgery if they had known the extent of the lymph node involvement. When they did the mediatinoscopy, I think that only one of three was affected, but when they did the surgery, it was in "many" of the ones that they removed.

Anyway, will call MIL tonight to see if I can find out more information!! It is so HARD that someone can't be with them at every appointment.

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I'd get dad to sign a piece of paper authorizing the doctor to talk directly with you. You'll get the clearest info that way and save lots of needless worry or anxiety. Would be very frustrating to get such important info second-hand. Hope this mystery is cleared up for you soon.


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Thanks for your responses. Talked to my MIL, and I told her that I was concerned and that I had called the onc...I let her know that he is not authorized to speak with any of the kids, and if they wanted him to be able to that they had to notify him in writing.

Anyway...I think that the gist is that when the onc met with the cancer board/group, whatever you call it, and they were talking about the case, it was brought up that FIL should at least talk to the radiology people, to see if he wanted to pursue radiation in addition to his chemo - vs just taking the oncs opinion, without talking to the other side.

The onc talked about how some people may want to pursue every treatment available, and that he should at least talk to them. It doesn't sound like he specifically feels that radiation is necessary, just wants to make sure that they have all the information they need.

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