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Pennies from Heaven..


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I thought I would share this story with all my friends. When Mark was going through his treatment, we would always find a penny in the strangest places..

I would always tell him to pick it up and read "In God We trust" I would tell him my mother was looking down on us, and sending her blessings from above..

Mark and I always picked up the pennies and put them in a special place..When Mark was in NYU, I found 3 pennies over a few days, I said to my sister this means there is only going to be the three of us left: me, Corinne and my brother Matthew...The next day I found one more penny, I knew this meant Mark would never leave us..

I keep the four pennies on my nightstand..

Now that Mark is in heaven with my parents, I often find pennies in strange places..Now, I pick them up and say "thanks Mark, I love you too"..

I have all the pennies in a special place so I can look at them and count my blessings from above..

I thought maybe you too can look for pennies from heaven..

Hope for all my friends...


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