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Hair loss/Chemo question

ma's kid

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I just read Pat's update on Beth's Bill and I know this question is probably not very important...but I promised my mom I would ask you all.

She finished chemo 10/27 (Carbo/Taxol)and did not lose all of her hair. It's thin but she still can put a comb through it. Her question: will she continue to lose hair? She said she doesn't see anymore hair on her pillow or in the shower like she did while she was on the chemo.

You all are in my prayers...can't stop thinking about Beth.


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When my sister was on chemo she was so worried she would lose her hair. Then she had to have a brain tumor removed related to the lung cancer, and they shaved a strip, which really disappointed her. However, she still had most of her hair, and they warned her that she might lose it during radiation as well.

I think she was off chemo for about a month and never lost her hair. When I asked about it, my dad who is an R.N. said that she may still lose it, but she may not. More likely she would lose it from radiation.

My sister was also convinced that if she didn't wash her hair every day, it would be better for her head. So she washed it every 3+ days.

Sorry, I started to ramble. This probably didn't help you at all. :oops:

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I had carbo/taxol and did lose all of my hair.

I had enough bangs left for awhile to look like I had hair under my hat but it did eventually all fall out.

It comes back quickly, this is the best time of year to be bald, it's cold out and you wear hats anyway.

Last December I was bald and last month I had my first haircut. I considered it a small price to pay for the results :D


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I took Cisplatin and Etoposide and never lost all my hair. It did get very thin.

When it first started falling out in huge clumps my husband wanted to "help" by shaving it all off. I said no, wait. I was glad I did.

Now my legs etc that were shaved never grew back in til later so I had several months of not needing to do that task!

Donna G

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