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recieved social security disability

Guest singlecancermom

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Guest singlecancermom

hey gang i finally recieved my first check, i did not get an award letter or anything just checked my savings account,, then called toll free # ssa,, to verify,, was told would not recieve any back pay? i applied in februraruy last dayworked was 2/6/03,, rep gave no answer but states payment i just recieved was for july/ i dont believe this crap,,,, i know of people who play mental to rec an ssi check and recieve back pay,, i have worked all my life up until i became sick,, i also have 3 teens can anyone suggest an opinion as to why i will not recieve back pay ,,, thanks

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Hi from what I read, you do not receive it retro from the last day worked, there is a six month waiting period and you receive checks from there on in.----but they start counting the six months from the date you were unable to work

for example, if you did not file until June, you would not have to wait six months from June; they would count back from the day you were disabled

but I think you can find all this info on the social security web site

hope you are feeling a little better in your fight to recover


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Guest Karen L

Unfortunately you have to be disabled for 6 FULLmonths before you qualify to receive disability benefits. If you feel you were disabled prior to the last day work, then that date can be contested. It's so sad that the general public is not educated in what our govt will provide.

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Hi, We just received SS Disability last month. They go by your birth day so we received ours 100803. My husband was born 0405.

We signed up for it about June or July. We did receive a letter telling us the amount and that it was good for three years.

Yes you do have to be disabled about six months. They went back to March when the tumor was first spotted in his lung which was March. So it actually took us about seven months before we received the first check. They did not go back at all. From what I learned they do not count the month you first become disabled.

We barely received it in time. It is a long, long wait.

Another thing, if you have life insurance perhaps you can pull some money from there. I believe it is called VSI. We have life insurance from my place of work and applied for it through my work.

What they do is either let you have 1/4 or 1/2. For instance if you have 40,000 you can either pull out 10,000 or 20,000. We needed to get rid of a vehicle payment and we almost did.

We didn't ask them for an amount. They worked from what the Doctors filled out in the paperwork. The insurance company sent us half of his insurance. We took half of that amount and applied it to his SUV and are still paying on it, but it will be gone by December 1st. That was a big stress relief for him. We still have the other half left in case of an emergency.

Hope this helps someone out there. Money worries can be a huge stress factor. No one with cancer needs an additional worry. They all need to feel free to get rid of this thing and get on with their lives as best as they can. This he has done. The tumor in his lung (The Queen Bee) and the tumor in his brain (The Queen Bee's Sister) are both dead.

Right now we are working on a tumor near his spine just below the collar bone. It is a difficult area for them to radiate. He has a mask to wear and he has had nine treatments so far. Today they told him they want to make a body cast so they can hold his shoulders in the exact same way each time. It has been a problem for them getting it on tract the exact same way each time. This time they will radiate 28 times.

We feel we have been very blessed.

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Oh am I learning about disability. Since I can no longer work, I have an appointment next week with SSA to file. And yes I heard it could take 4-6 months.

So I was bad, I sicced my sister on them. She makes a Jack Russell

Terrier look like a bloodhound. I think so far she has called the govenor,

delegates, and was going after the state comptroller.

This really is a bad deal when you work all your life and they make

you dance thru though hoops. Believe me I would lovee to go

back to work and carry on as before.


We'll see as the saga turns.


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Hi Jean,

It is true it does take a while especially if you must appeal their decision. I just wanted to tell you that it only took me 7 1/2 weeks from the day I applied to get approved. There is a 6 month wait period tho. I became disabled in 4/03 but did not apply until 8/03 in hopes that I could return to work. Tell sis to stay on them and if you get a letter from the state examiners office (they make the determination) stay on them as well.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, I have since found out that since I am StageIV, that it could

go alot faster. So I will wait and see. By the way love the dogs!!

Thay are so cute. It is hard to give up working after so many years.

You feel a loss of independence and freedom. It is like one more choice being taken away. Oh well best quit dwelling on it.



DX 11-22-2003 Stage IV w/multiple mets brain

Primary lung and aveoli

Full head radiation x 15 days to begin

Then see what happens

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You can also find a list on the SSDI web page that lists the diseases & disabilities that are "autmatically" covered (you still have to wait the 6 months from date of disability before you get the first check) but some things like SCLC are listed & I guess that makes it easier to get on (no appealing) I was approved on my first try & I think it said I wouldn't be reviewed again for 5-7 years.

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Jean, if you want it to go fast, call you local Congressman's office and ask them to ck on your file as to how it is going.. They track your file from the day you contact them to the end. The files are FLAGGED when a congressional inquiry comes on it.....

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Hi Guys,

Hope everyone is hanging in there. Well my disability was quickly approved

in about 3 weeks, I had my medical files with me when I went. Even though it will stll be 6 months till you receive a check. So it will not be till June, oh well not much can be done about that. But at least it is okayed.

Thanks for everyone's support.

Till later


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