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Side Effects from Chemo


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My dad was on Gemzar but developed a cough and has become short of breath. His lung x-rays and other tests all look good (no fluid buildup). Since these two symptoms are both side effects from Gemzar, he is being switched to Taxol next week. His last treatment was two weeks ago and is still experiencing these two side effects. Does anyone know how long side effects can last? He is disappointed that he is being taken off of this drug because he didn't experience any nausea with this chemo drug, just a little tired. Thanks for any info! :)

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Hi. Since I will just begin Gemzar/Carboplatin next week, I don't have any actual exerience yet. I've never had Chemo and am "girding" myself against nausea, weakness, etc. I will stay in touch so your dad and I can compare notes. It seems a cough and breath shortness seems manageable, but maybe not. I've hardly had time to register or give info on myself....new here. Just had hip replacement due to mestasticised NSCLC in both lungs, neck and Femoral Neck bone of hip. That delayed chemo, but I'm stage IV and will be looking for help and support, as well as offering anything I can do my fellow travelers.

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My husband has had two treatments of Gemzar/Carbo. He was having shortness of breath and was lightheaded. I thought it might be side effects of other drugs he was taking.

It was his low red blood cell count. He went in for labs and it was down to 2.7. :shock: They were surprised he could still stand up. He got 4 units of packed red cells and feels much better.

Not sure if that is your dad's problem, but worth checking.


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