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Taxotere/Carboplatin therapy


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My dad has been diagnosed with NSCLC with bone and soft tissue mets. He has great difficulty breathing and has lost a lot of weight. The breathing difficulty is caused in part by nodules in his lungs.

He will begin Taxotere/Carboplatin chemo next week (what they're waiting for, I have no idea). What can we expect? What perecntage of patients respond and if they do, how long does it take? Side effects? Any information, especially anecdotal, would be helpful.

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Hi! My wife was diagnosed with NSCLC, with multiple bone mets three years ago. Her first chemo was Taxotere/Carboplatin, and it worked for her. She was in good shape for a while after that. With each chemo, some people take it in stride without many sides effects; others have a rough time. No way to predict how your dad will react. My wife had many side effects with the combo -- fatiigue, nausea, bowel problems, bad taste in mouth with loss of appetite, necrosis of finger tips and toe tips, loss of hair (all), mouth sores. With all that, it was worth it because it beat back the disease. Best to you. Don

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Hello Bobby,

Dad had the Taxotere-Carboplatin combo as his first-line chemo. He tolerated it fairly well. He took steroids while on chemo and this made him really moody and hot-tempered. The most common symptoms also included fatigue, nausea, some neuropathy on fingers or toes. Food will have a metallic taste. Dad had a significantly reduced appetite while on chemo. He was infused every 21 days and on the 4th day after chemo he gets extremely groggy. On the 10th day he gets a big blister / rashes on the injected hand which was relieved by a cream of some sort. Dad also gargled with salt and warm water every night since he was susceptible to mouth sores.

After 6 infusions his tumors are stable. I think this is also called partial response. (Correct me if I'm mistaken.) Sorry I don't have further statistics, like they say it is different for everyone.

This is all I can remember from daddy's experience. Hope it helps. You can also use the "search" function of this website for more info. 8)

Hope your dad responds beautifully to the chemo regimen.

Best Regards,


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hi Bobby.

I had those chemos. I am stage lllb... also had rad. tx. along with it, so kinda hard for me to say what caused what.

It put me down quite alot. About 2-3 days after the infusion were the worst. Then as each day went by, I was still sick and each day gradually better until it was time for the next infusion, I was starting to get my poop back. Then, I would get hit again, and start all over.

Everyone has different kinds of side effects. But, for the most part, ya just feel like crap. Hopefully, your dad will have some chemo class or a nurse to help inform you of the side effects that are common and let you know when to call the doctor. This is a whole 'nother world and experience.

Keep reading. Keep learning.

good luck to your dad and to you.

Cindi o'h

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