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I had an increased heart rate after all various my chemo iv's. I am not sure what started. A cardiologist has me on 2 different medications the last 3 years. They have worked so he keeps me on it.

I started Iressa shortly after my increased heart rate. I was on it for a year, then put on tarceva for 2 more years. I was just taken off it because I have had .2cm x .1cm increase in my tumor. Rash, on and off diarrhea, dry skin, and slow hair growth were my only side effects. I was a very doable chemo.

It was very good to me as well to others here.


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I'm with the posters above, just stick close to the docs on any weird changes with Tarceva. they know so little about it's negative effects, hopefully you'll get the positive effects intended! (my mom is on it too, she already has a fast heart rate - see below for her drug interaction between Tarceva and coumadin).



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I did great on Iressa but the FDA wants the higher price for Tarceva so that is what i took. The tarceva burned the skin on my face by the outside of my eyes and the lines from nose to mouth. Felt like a chemical burn. Also extremely dry skin. Had to quit taking it. Guess it was somewhat of an allergic reaction. Don't think increased heart rate was a problem. praying you will respond wonderfully. pammie

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