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I miss my Darlene

dani hobbs

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My lovely sister has been gone from this planet nearly a year. I am trying to not relive the last few days of her life...when I said goodbye & held her tiny, ravaged body in my arms and felt bad that my tears were falling on her face...she smiled & kissed me over & over...she couldn't speak. I want to call her on the phone in the middle of the night, as we used to do...and have her guide me through all the rocky stuff...children leaving the nest, menopause...hear her calm voice telling me she'd been there, done that, it would be all right. That calm, warm, loving, accepting voice...that dry humor. I miss her so much.

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Dani...my heart just continues to break for you. Just remember that Darlene will always live on in your heart. Every time you think of her, your fond memories will keep her alive. You know, you can still talk to her and I'm sure she will hear every word you are saying. I share my thoughts with Dennis almost every day. We just have to have faith and believe they are listening. What a good sister you were to Darlene!

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I am so sorry for you loss. I know how hard it is to lose a love one, My Father just past away in Nov and the pain is unbearable. I will pray for you and everyone who has lost someone they love. We could only hope that the pain were feeling eases up and lets us move forward..

Take care of yourself


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