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My sister

dani hobbs

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Every so often, a package, unannounced, arrives on my doorstep from my sister's husband, as he goes through her belongings. At first the packages were old family photographs, and pieces of her jewelry that she wanted me to have. The latest were sent just before Christmas. One package was every letter, drawing and card my daughter ever sent her. The next one, more jarring, was every letter, picture and card that I ever sent her, little crayon drawings & macaroni pictures, things like that--she was 13 years older than me, so some of these things were 50 years old---she kept them all, in perfect condition. I love her so much, I miss her more. What I would give to talk to her tonight.

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Dani, the strong love you have for your sister always shines through each of your posts. I can remember some of your first posts on this board. I don't think any posts have ever tugged so at my heartstrings. I hope these momentos of the bond between the two of you will help you recall many happy memories.

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