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Who has had a bone marrow biopsy? How did it go?


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I have had two in the past, not lung cancer related. Pretty uneventful. They give a local. In my case they inserted a needle in my lower back to (the spine) get the marrow. No pain or anything afterwords. Takes about 15 minutes or so depending on the doctor, patient. Everything went fine, as it turned out the test came up (was being tested for leukemia) negative for me. Hopes this helps.

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My mom had one when first diagnosed. Just as the previous posts reported- She left with a band-aid. I held her hand and watched. The key, the onc said, was lots of local, she felt nothing. He basically made a tiny incision in mom's lower back and removed a tiny sample in a glass looking thin straw. We talked right thru it and then went out to lunch. Nancy

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