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2/11/06 Update/Cards For Fay A.

Connie B

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Hello All,

I just wanted to share with everyone that Bob (Fay's husband) called me today to give me an update.

Bob said that Fay is resting comfortable and that they had a tough time getting Fay's pain under control. She had a terrible time laying down, but she is able to do that now.

The tumor has invaded just about all of her remaining lung. He said there isn't much lung showing that isn't covered by the tumor. :(

I told Bob that some of the members here at LCSC wanted to send Fay a card. He did say that Fay is somewhat private when it comes to some things, but he felt that sending her cards would be uplifting to her at this time.

Both Bob and I know how much Fay loves Flowers, but PLEASE DO NOT SEND HER FLOWERS. She will not allow them in her room because she is on the Max Level for Oxygen. So, PLEASE ONLY SEND CARDS!

Bob said she is still fighting the good fight, and she is not surrendering to this monster lightly.

I will keep you all up to date when I hear from the family.

Here is the address for Fay.

Pamela Fay Aguilar

C/O Serenity House

900 Celle DeLos Amigos

Santa Barbara, CA 93105-4435

Please continue to keep Fay and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

God Bless Us All,

Connie B.

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Hey Bunny Girl,

Bob did say Fay had some mail and things he was going to take to her yesterday that a few people sent to her home. Bob was getting several things together to take to Fay. They don't live close to the Facility that Fay is at. It's about 80 miles from there home.

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