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I am scheduled to have either part of my lung removed or maybe all of it on Aug 25. Was wondering if I woud be able to collect Soc Sec benifits afterwards. Can you be approved with one lung? Have been lurking on this site at work on my breaks for some time now. Supposed to get computer one day this week and will defintly register then. Thank you for any inform.

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sorry never applied for it---however, if you go on the SS web , it explains some of why you can receive---I do not think just having one lung would qualify unless you have other problems, e.g. copd, mets to another part of your body.

regards Eileen

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Hi Guest,

Just read your post and hope your surgery is a complete success for you and you can return to work shortly thereafter. If however, you find that your cancer is not allowing you to return to work, and you have worked and paid into Social Security the right number of years to be insured for disability benefits then I would suggest that you discuss this with your dr for his opinion on your cancer and on you filing for disability benefits. He may recommend you do file or he may feel you can work. Either way, it is your decision in the end as to file or not. When in doubt, file.....it doesn't cost you anything but time on the phone...

YOur disability will be based on the regulations governing Lung Cancer. If your cancer is one that meets all the regulations under that catagory, you will be awarded, if not you will be denied and it will be up to you to prove that you have a disability that does prevent you from working. You will need stronger medical records. YOu can check your file to make sure correct medical records are in it, such as doctors records, hospitals, etc.. Could be that one of the dr's records did not make your file, possiblity lost in mail, etc....and that was why you were denied, or maybe everything was in it and your disability does not meet those strict guide lines. You will have appeal rights.

If you are awarded benefits, there is a five month waiting period from the time your disability began before payments are made so long as you file within the correct time. Benefits start at the six month and medicare starts at 24 months.

If you want to you can pm me and I will be glad to answer what I can for you....

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The answer to your question is YES.

Removal of part or the whole lung is automatically considered by Social Security to be a disability that warrant receiving disability benefits. You do have to meet certain eligibility thresholds - 40 quarters of employment - else your benefit will be curtailed.

Call your local Social Security office to schedule an appointment. They will take all of your information over the phone. You will eventually need to appear at their offices with hospital / medical records.

I filed 6 months to the day of my surgery (disability). They took all of my info over the phone. Sent me a letter with an appointment date. Went to the appointment on a Monday morning and was treated with a great deal of respect and as a human being.

Was informed that I would hear something from their office by that afternoon. Received a call informing me that I had been approved for disability that afternoon. All in all, it took me precisely 30 days from the time I applied to the time I received my first check.

Social Security also processed my claim for my children - my wife and I were divorced several years prior. My ex-wife went into their offices in Florida and was out within 10 minutes. She too received her check within 30 days.

The Social Security Administration's International office in Baltimore, MD went one step further and processed my claim with the German and Swiss Social Security Administration in Berlin and in Geneva since I worked for a number of years overseas. I am now in the final stages of processing my claims with the German and Swiss authorities. German and Swiss authorities have indicated that I will be receiving disability benefits through bank-to-bank transfer within the next 90 days.

Good luck with your surgery.

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