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Stage IIIB NSCLC - Need Help and Hope from someone

Guest Sally

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Hi This is my first time using this site and I was hoping to come in contact with anyone who has stories of hope and encouragement re: stage IIIb NSCLC. My 18 year old brother was recently diagnosed with this and we are still in shock. He has has 4 chemo sessions (carboplatin & gemcitabene) so far. He dealt with the chemo fine - no hair loss, nausea, etc. Just tired and uncomfortable. He has gained weight thank God. I need to hear from people desperately as I find this is helping me cope.

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So sorry to hear that your brother has lung cancer. We have at least 3 people on the board that are very young. Jodi was diagnosed with Mesothelioma at 26, Jay is in his teens and is post op and had chemo, David P was diagnosed at 20 and he is 46 yrs old now! He is a hero! He has one lung and is entered in a bike race! ( hence the picture of him biking on his posts. ) Please share more details and we will try to help. Do you live here in the USA? Waiting to hear from you. Donna

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I am truly sorry to hear about your brother. There is a lot of support here. Please post any questions that you may have. I can guarantee that there is someone here that can give you accurate information. I cannot tell you how much love and caring is in this forum.

What area do you live in, ie... state, city. We are all survivors on this site, so please ask any questions you may have. Nothing is considered a stupid question. There is total respect for all people here.

Please let us know what is going on, we care. Special prayers have been said for your brother, you and your family.

God Bless


Praying for a "Cure",

By his Stripes, We are Healed


Dx'd 3-03 - 3a

3-25-03 to 5-15-03 radiation

4-01-03 to 5-20-03 taxol/carbo

7-23-03 started chemo taxol/carbo (every 3 wks)

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Thanks to everyone who replied. It means so much to me. I am from Ireland. Here are a few more details about my brother:

- He turned 18 in February 2003.

- Started smoking at 16 and gave it up last Christmas (we didn't know about it)

- Was feeling breathless one night so my mum sent him to the local doctor who proceeded to send him to hospital as there was no air getting to his right lung

- the hospital said his lung was full of fluid and drained it

- they saw a tumour and due to his age didn't think it was anything serious but a biopsy showed it was an adenocarcinoma. It has also spread to his diaphram

- He started chemo in May and finished it late July; Carboplatin + Gemcitabene every three weeks

- He had no hair loss/nausea, just tired and uncomfortable

(sorry if I'm writing all this wrong - all your messages seem so professional).

My father died 9 years ago from mesothelioma (age 42) and my mother was only getting over his death this year. She is beyond devastated. She is only 53. We all are.

At the moment I have taken over the mother position and I'm the type of person who wants to know everything (except prognosis) about his condition.

Any help (especially tips on using this site) much appreciated.

Sally :)

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Sally, it takes some time to learn your way around this site but you are young so will pick up quicker. Ask Rick under technical any particular questions he comes up with the answers. So you are in Ireland, the land of my ancestors. You say your brother smoked for a couple of years, I am very glad he quit for that fact alone increases his survival. I can not believe however that 2 yrs of smoking caused a tumor that has probably been lurking there that long. I have been told that it takes a while for them to grow large enough to be found. Sounds like the tumor is in a main bronchi. Has he had a CT to check on the response to the treatment? Is it shrinking? Do they plan surgery? What tests has he had to be sure it has not spread elsewhere? I guess thats enough questions for now. Is it as hot in Ireland as the rest of Europe? ( Oops that was another one!) Please keep us informed you have joined our family now. Your brother is in my prayers. Donna

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