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Help, worried about husband

Guest emmer

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Hi everyone,

I hate to see myself on a lung cancer message board but here it goes.

My husband, age 40 has had several medical problems in the last 6 months. Most recently, "severe pneumonia" in the left lung. He has been diagnosed with atelectisis in both lower lobes. Friday, Dr. said that he has 3 "nodes" that were found in his right lung by CT scan. The pneumonia has been slowly resolving in the left, but why does he have "nodes" in the right lung now? Is this just a coincedince that they found it? Dr. said that most likely it is not cancer. I am very worried. Any thoughts about this and what to expect?


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Hello, if your husband has recently had pneumonia the most likely reason he has nodules is just that.

To be totally safe he should have a CT or Pet scan if a few months to see if they are gone or if there is any change.

One reason the insurance companies don't want to screen for lung cancer is the huge number of people that have "false positives" as nodules that they have to spend more money on getting follow up tests. Wish you well.

Donna G

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Welcome Emmer,

I am sorry you find yourself on a Lung Cancer board too. I don't have any advice for you on nodules, as that is not something I've experienced.

But I know that they can be something other than cancer. I seem to remember hearing that lymph nodes often swell when a body is fighting infection. I just want to let you know that I will be praying for you and your husband to get some news other than cancer. I pray those nodes are just inflamed because they are that pneumonia.

Please come back and let us know how things go. Until then you will be in our hearts and thoughts. And we will be anxiously awaiting the good news.

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Oh my Gosh! I noticed that you are from Mukwonago, WI. I grew up and attended Mukwonago High until Sophmore year. Class of 1991 (Yuck, hate to say that outloud)

How strange. Thanks for the reply anyway. I am mostly concerned cuz he did not have pneumonia in the same lung as the nodes? I have been trying to research more info on this. Im sure it's nothing, just freaked out due to all the other stuff we have delt with in the past few years, we don't need this as well. We have two small kids and just want to forget about medical crap, as Im sure you know.

Thanks again


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Wow, it's great to talk to a hometown girl! And no reason to feel embarrassed about 1991, I'm 1987 :oops: Are you still in the area? We live over by the Elegant Farmer on Hwy J.

Anyway, About two years ago I went to a doctor because I had a HUGE lump in my neck. With all thats happened to my husband I wasn't taking any chances anymore so I went and had it checked. I was told it was an inflamed lymph node because my body was fighting infection. The only infection I had was a bladder infection. I don't think the nodes only fight infection in the region of the infection, but the fight bacteria and viruses as they circulate the body in the blood. Please try and keep positive and hold onto the hope that it is not cancer. I've said it before, and I've heard it from others, but "Don't borrow worries from tomorrow" If there is something to worry about, deal with it when it comes, but for now try and stay positive and enjoy each day.

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We live in Hartford now. I still have many friends that live in the Mukwonago area.

You seem like you're very positive - sounds like you have, and continue to deal with alot of stuff. How is your husband now? Do you have family support and all? I know that through this, I have needed my family alot more. My husband had surgery due to a botched hernia, 3 inguinal nerves cut, bowel obstruction, pneumonia x2, C-Diff, and asthma, oh, and depression too. All this since like, October 05.

It really hurts my heart to see him sick. I will try to put this out of my head. Hopefull he can stop having coughing jags, and breathing problems, that would definately help.

Take care, thanks for the postive words

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