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Bone Scan

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick question....I am a little concerned, that the radiation oncologist has told my mom, that she should have a bone density x-ray. Is this normal? I think that my mom thinks, it is to check for osteoporosis (he explained that she should have had it done at 60 years old), but I'm thinking it is to check to see if the cancer spread to the bones. Anyone have experience, with this? And what results did you all get?

Thanks for your continuing help,


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Did your mom have a pet scan on diagnosis? This will ususally show bone mets if there are any. A bone density test is done almost routinely after the age of 60 to watch for bone loss due to aging.... has NOTHING to do with cancer. Hope this answers your question.... Love, Sharon

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I'm 48 and just had my first bone density test last week. I also started Actonel (once a week) to help prevent osteoporosis. My gyno ordered the test and prescribed the Actonel, but my oncologist had no objections to my taking the pill. In fact, seemed to think it was a good idea with all the chemo I've been receiving.


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I also hate the 'old' used for bone density


That test should be done around age fifty to start

with and following results treatments or just

a wait and check again done at a later date.

The answer I made when told I needed the test done for the first time because I was getting old.......

at 78 certainly woke up the YOUNG doctor.



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