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Morning Cough


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Does anyone besides me have a cough in the morning when you first get up. It seems I have this cough every single morning and by the time I dress and leave the house for work it goes away.

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How long have you been coughing in the morning? My dad had radiation a year and a half ago which resulted in pneumonitis and he is still coughing and not just in the morning, he coughs all day. He has been to his doctors and has been given cough suppresents. He's even caught colds which causes his coughs. Maybe you can just go to your family doctor just to get things checked out.



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Len is still coughing -- partly pneumonitis from the radiation, partly just the blasted allergies that torment him (and me) all year long. And his radiation was over 16 months ago! He did have a bout with pneumonia as well last spring but his lungs are clear (yes, there is scarring from the radiation but other than that all seems fine), so we're just living with the constant hacking.

The onc. did put him on flonase to try to reduce the allergies and, hence, the post nasal drip which adds to the whole scene. It helps a bit (I'm using it too and it helps me -- but I'm also coughing WITHOUT any LC).


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I have a bedtime cough. As soon as I lay down, I cough.

Right now, I have some big allergies. Heard of ACS's "Daffodil Days"? The American Cancer Society sells bunches of daffodils to raise money - the big boss donates, we all get pretty yellow flowers. The entire floor I work on has pockets of posies...pretty, huh? Well, NOT if you're allergic to the #*@% things! Spring is coming, too...I'm sneezing and crying a lot - Zyrtec and Flonase...yeehaw.

If you feel it's something you should talk to your doctor about, than it IS something you should talk to your doctor about. It's your body, if it's talking to you, listen to it.

It could be nothing, then again, it could be something. My self-argument when I feel like I'm being a "hyperchondriac" is that I didn't FEEL SICK when I was first diagnosed...

You aren't alone in the cough, BUT, it could mean something.

Take care,


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I agree with Becky, if you are concerned, get checked. But just FYI, my mom and I BOTH get that cough. A lot of time morning coughs are the left over post nasal drip from night time.

I am a chronic cough person myself, but not cancer related. It is very very very common to have a chronic cough :)

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