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Sick, Sick, Sick


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Meinman, so sorry about your sister's complications. Chemo can do bad things on the way to getting the cancer. I have said that it is like putting poison in your body. Each person reacts differently. My wife, Lucie, had a bad reaction at first. Dehyrdation is ever present, so she needs to drink a lot, and I mean A LOT of liquids. I have gotten orange juice, lemonade, Crystal Light, Gater Aid (which she didn't like), Ensure/Boost and those sorts, water, water, water. Also, we have discovered with Lucie that she needs to eat all through the day to keep the nausea down, so we have gone to at least six meals a day, with small portions of things. I give her snakcs in between (which I have counted as meals). Their taste can change due to the chemo, so you have to experiment with the food. Best of luck. My prayers are with you. Don

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My husband's chemo was weekly. He was sooo sick. Once we started hydration at home with home health he became human again.

500 cc Normal Saline IV

Decadron 10 mg IV

Kytril 1 mg IV

For 3 days after chemo in the mornings. We just leave his port accessed after chemo

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my dad does carbo and taxol and he has been to the hosptial for IV's and he got 100% better. Not to say though that the couple of days after chemo he was run down and not feeling 100% up to par. I would say if you think she needs some fluid and isn't gettign enough then have them hook her up to an IV. it can not hurt.

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