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It's that time of year when some of us will be celebrating Easter, others ~ Passover. Others celebrate neither of these, but for sure will be celebrating the season of spring which brings with it a sense of renewal. With that in mind, I thought it a good time to bring back Melanie's "Five for...." list. Instead of a single day, the list is 'Five things I am thankful for this spring'.

Five for Spring of 2006............

1. My faith which continues to sustain me amidst the many trials I continue to face.

2. The family that offers support and comfort and lifts one another up.

3. The gift of simply being here to witness the newness and freshness of this season.

4. All the wonderful people who have been here for me in the past, and continue to be here for me now.

5. The 'family' of LCSC who ALL are examples of courage, love, and compassion.



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Thanks for the 5's. I'm thankful for

1. The fact that I have health insurance and good doctors helping me along.

2. For all of you, that have gone through the good and the bad with me.

3. For having a place to come to celebrate.

4. For having a place to come to cry.

5. For special people like Kasey... Love you Kasey, you are one in a million



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I'll post my fives for today (now remember, the rules are that you cannot repeat the blessings day after day after day, they HAVE to be different):

1. Last night's fire did not harm my grandmother, just made her temporarily homeless and closer to ME.

2. The laundry is almost finished.

3. My Cookie has bird dog in her and had me in stitches this morning when she chased a goose for 150' to get it out of HER yard (..and my parents' yard) AND she stopped when I called her back.

4. Strawberries on angel food cake for dessert.

5. Upcoming wedding and a very excited bride.

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1) Family to help me through the rough times

2) Fotos of Deb and The Great times we had together

3) Fuzzy daisydawg that greets me when I come home from work every day

4) My Friends at LCSC that keep me busy when I am home and make me laugh andeverything Else that you folks do for me.

5) Faith in knowing that everything works for a reason.

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