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Good News!!


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To all who answered my call...thx from the bottom of my heart. To all of you and all who await news from various tests etc.. wanted to let you know that results are in and NO METS TO BONES!! Some mild arthritis to spine but they did not add that this was what was causing the pain. Am inclined to believe what some of you have suggested i.e. post operative pain.

One more hurdle overcome!!

God Bless

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Just got a call from my oncologist today. Was not in at the time and my husband took the call. It seems that his assistant who passed on the news to my husband and I that there were no mets to the bones spoke out of turn. HE says that although bone scan looked clean there is nevertheless a quote hot spot unquote that concerns him and I have to go for a CT scan. What a "/%?$$%?& rollercoaster. Am scared to death all over again.

So sorry I came forth so soon with what I thought was good news. Again, will keep you posted.

PLEASE keep me in your prayers and I WILL in mine.

With affection

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