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Saw my onc today.She said scans were good but wants to do a pet scan in July again.Tumor shrunk some more but looks like theres still something in the middle(lymph nodes).Dont know much more than I did before.??????

still possible surgery after July scan.She says I can go back to work until then.Hope I can stand up all day.My legs still ache and swell.

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Okay Marie!!!!!

Let me be scared and worry for ya, okay? To borrow one of our dear member's phrases..............let ME hold your pork chop!!!!! You live your life for the next 5 or 6 weeks. I will take care of everything else! And ya know.........just MAYBE NOTHING will have grown and things will all be okay.

We're with ya, Marie! Get back to work and worry about standing........NOTHING else, ya hear??


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Hi Marie.

I want to congratulate you for your "good" report. We are at about the same stage I think. There seems to be always something questionable here or there for me too. It can be frustrating. But, Marie, with time, I have learned that those questionable things don't always turn out to be malignancies. Listen up. It has been three and a half years since diagnosis for me and so far, they have all been false scares. May God bless you with false scares too!

I have asked about Tarceva for myself. It made sense to me a couple of years ago. The onc. told me that I was far enough out from treatment that he didn't think it would do me any good. But, that if I were fresh out of treatment, then he would strongly consider it for me.

I think it might be a good idea to ask her about it. Did you think about this question on the drive home? That is usually when my "I wish I would have asked" comes up. Either that, or the next day. Maybe do a follow up call.

You have ended your treatment now. (except for poss. surgery?) And your schedule is empty. Alot of people get "lost" right about now. They want to continue to "DO" something. Anything. I felt this way. It was go go go and then ...nothing. This is a place where it would be really good for you to get back to work to try to get some normal balance and thinking in your life.

Try to do some work-hardening. Half days at first and then gradually work up from there.

Congrats on your GOOD scans, Marie. I was looking for good news from you!

Cindi o'h

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Hi Marie,

I know you must be "wiped out" from your treatments. Have you gotten enough rest? Do you feel strong enough to return to work?

Have you asked about the tarceva yet? Or anything else that may give you the edge to successful kicking cancer butt?

Many do seek another opinion at this break time. Nothing wrong with continuing to explore every option out there for yourself.

I am proud of you! You have come a very long way, Marie. Keep going!!!


Cindi o'h

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Oh Marie ~

You said "What scares me is what if it grows between now and July?"

I hear you loud and clear - my next scan is 7/14 and this is my concern now also.

It's difficult to go on with regular/normal activities with this thought in my head along with the remaining side effects of the chemo still lingering on.

But it is what we have to do and I think that going back to work will help keep your mind focused. In fact, I am thinking about taking a part-time job just to keep me occupied. Hopefully you can start back slowly and get back into the groove.

I am cheering for you!!

Pam in FL


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i called to ask about tarceva but she hasnt called me back as yet.

not so sure about going back to work yet because my legs ache so bad and they swell everyday.dont think ill be able to stand for 8 hrs.

i work in a corrugated plant where we make boxes,and every job there is very physical.A lot of lifting,bending etc.No sit down jobs.I want to go back,i need the money and I miss my friends there so much,just dont think i can right now.

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