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Anyone Interested In a Hospice Journey Thread in Here?


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Since we just signed on with a hospice organization, I was wondering if anyone would want to know the specifics of what is involved as this goes on -- a journal type of thread (i.e. not expecting any responses really): I could cover the paperwork I've had to complete, the nature of the support info. I'm getting, etc. Some of this info. is rather detailed in informing about end-of-life support issues from the hospice perspective. What happens over time in our case and how hospice deals with it, etc. Might at least document details for others' understanding if they ever are thinking about this type of support. Could a moderator delete anything that maybe folks wouldn't want to see -- i.e. too much information overload for the purpose of the forum? Just thought I'd offer since we are just getting started with this......let me know if it sounds like something folks would want.

I think hospice is misunderstood and feared by a lot of people. In another forum thread yesterday, for example, I had mentioned how hospice recommended I stay away from my mom for at least a few days.....last nite, I had a friend come by the house and respond by inferring that hospice was pushing me away (i.e. that THEY had control now): that wasn't the case at all. That's just one example -- maybe we can de-bunk some myths and fears about this choice?


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Don't they already have that on a thread here?

Personal advice/experiences with HOSPICE- Post here

Maybe it's not the same, but I think it's pretty close to what your talking about?? I just made that Thread a Sticky so it will remain at the top of the page for easy access. I hope that helps. It makes life easy to keep things simple! :wink:

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Right on what I mean, Treebywater. Not really a day by day personal diary thing (I'm not sure that would be of value from me really -- everybody's experience is different), but exact information as I get it from a Hospice organization and how they handle this situation as it unfolds -- easier to log that kind of info. as you get it so it's fresh in one's mind, I figure. I already went through the Medicare coverage info. in the other thread, for example -- I already have info. from signing up on how they tell families to handle the situation, what to look for, etc. More interested in documenting "arms length" info. that might familiarize others in more detail than what we tend to find on the internet. I'm sure other hospice organizations will differ in some of the details as well....hospice is just such an unknown to so many of us and really is to me as well: barely got signed up with my dad when he passed (they didn't even finish initial evals. on my dad) so I really am starting from scratch here.

For example, right now I could also tell you what paperwork I had to complete, the choices I had to make on some of that paperwork, in addition to that intro. info. they gave me on what to expect.

Just a thought. And, it's quite alright with me for this to be declined (you're not gonna' hurt my feelings or anything) -- I'll take the time to do it if folks would find it helpful, that's all. If folks want it, I would appreciate moderator review/editing for the appropriateness to the whole as I really don't know what I'll run into here as things go along and parts just might fall into the "too much information" category.


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