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The neurosurgeon and I had it out today, not in front of mom of course. Good news is the MRI did not show a tumor, bad news is that he thinks it could be a tumor. This is where the prbolem arose. In front of my mom, he said we'll watch it for 4-6 weeks. When I asked if it could be a tumor, he said he had 1 other patient in 15 years who had a tumor grow out of their skin. He mentioned that even if it was, there was no more treatment for her. He said it kind of ambiguously,so I asked "So there'll be no more surgeries, right? He said well, there a major operation that could be done. Mom just agreed that it would be a major operation. I guess the Dr. was not happy with the questions I asked bc as he was leaving mom's room, he told her that he needed to go over her schedule with me. I followed him into a room where he was very frustrated bc "I was backing him into a corner." He went on and on about how it was not appropriate to tell mom that it is probably a tumor on the day that she went home. His words were "Did you think I should have told her this was the end of her life on a celebratory day?" I said "Yes, if it's the truth!" I may be wrong, but my mom still talks about going back to work. I told him there is no sense in being all hunky dorey if it isn't. I told him she wants to know about her own body. Well, he didn't talk to her, but the nurse circled the knot on her head and I am to call the Wednesday before the Dr. heads out of town to report any growth.

Mom and I are having fun, just us, before my boys get home. She even mustered up the energy to type a post in general. Peace out----

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So very very thankful your mom has you baby girl. Her post was so nice. The picture of you two together is very special. I can imagine the joy and pleasure of Graden and you with her. Enjoy every second. praying for all and especially that there is no tumor. pammie

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