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Wow Welthy- 20 rounds of chemo!? I read your husband's profile, you both have been through the mill w/ this disease.

It is amazing to me just how far lung cancer can go before people become symptomatic!

I actually have never had alot of the symptoms associated w/ meso. No pleura thickening, SOB, or pain, (other than the surgical pain which is gone now).

That is probably why I was originally misdiagnosed like Antionette and many other people. I probably got my dose of asbestos at school also. Lee

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I never had the chance to welcome you to this site -- so I'm doing it now after reading your other posts!!!! :D

So, so glad you are doing well after what you have been through already. I don't know anything about meso personally, but I will support you as best I can as everyone else will here on your journey.

Hugs and glad to "meet" you,


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It's not uncommon for lung cancer patients not to have any kind of symptoms with even late stage lung cancer. (all types of LC) I was a stage IIIA-B and never had one symptom. You'll see that many of us never had a clue we had lung cancer and when we found out we kind of went, :shock:.

Welcome to our wonderful group. Sorry you had to find us.

Jody Page who is a member of LCSC here is a long term Meso LC survivor. :D I know Jody she came to my inperson LC Support Group and she is a wonderful inspiration for those dealing with Meso.

God bless and I hope you'll stay with us.

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Lee, I don't know if you got my email of earlier today, but I forgot to mention the most important thing! Have you been to the MARF site (www.marg.org - Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation)? It's full of information you need to know. You can find lots of patient information (including the names and phone numbers of some excellent doctors doing research into meso therapies and treatments).

Need some extra support? MARF can set you up with an email/phone buddy or try to find a volunteer in your community to help.

Click on over...good stuff.

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