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blood in phlegm-- does amount vary from day to day?

gail p-m

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My father's phlegm that he brings up from his couging is usually slightly green. Sometimes it's tinged with a bit of blood and at other times it has some brownish spots. Today, the phlegm that he has brought up is quite bloody. I asked him and he told me that he does have some days where it is bloody and then it changes back. He's not the most reliable source because he's feeling tired and discouraged and he's also color blind! Just wondering if others have this experience where the amount of blood in the phlegm varies on a day to day basis.


gail p-m

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Gail p-m,

Lot of experience with the blood in the sputum. Yes, it can vary day to day. The brown is older blood and the red of course is fresh. Tony's sputum began to clear to white as the chemo took hold and started eradicating his lung tumors. He stopped seeing any blood after about 3-4 mos of treatment. Then we went on an airplane and he coughed up a very red clot of blood. I think no more flights.

Your description of the green color bothers me a bit. That would seem to indicate an infection. Between the green and the blood, when is the last time the Doc checked your Dad out? I know these guys aren't the greatest for giving you the full details of what they are coughing up, but maybe he ought to see the Doc again.

The fact that he is color-blind -- just another little twist to the LC dilemna. :?

Hoping for good news,


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My father started coughing up blood last week. We took him in to the doctor and they noticed some green as well. They immediately put him on antibiotics and are doing a culture on the sputum. With my father some days it's been bright red, but mostly brown/pink. I hope with this new chemo we'll turn clear again.

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