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Problem or not???


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My father's heart has been doing a great job and he says he hasn't had too many physical problems other than being easily tired. I hear a shake in his voice that sounds like nerves or even an effect of the cancer and part of this "voice change" I keep reading about. I'm worried since before, during and after the radiation treatments he had diarehia .. worse as time went on. Before it was most likely nerves, during was most likely nerves and treatment. But now? It's been a full 2.5 months since the last radiation treatment was given and it's getting worse. Again, I've been reading the effects of increasing cancer is diarehia. My Dad can't take any new medications ... that is out of the question forever and ever for his cancer. That means any changes could very well be part of the cancer, so the doctor proscribes Immodium and allows him to take at his discression.

Has anyone had these symptoms? He doesn't want his day to be about doctor's appointments and worry ... I can respect that. He's had more medication over the past 20 years he swears there is nothing natural in his blood stream anymore ... and isn't interested in more. But if there is a home remedy to curve the aches and pains I'd love to know about it.



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I can't say that I've ever heard of diahrrea being caused by the cancer itself -- as a side effect of treatment, medications, an infection, or just plain nerves....yes, from the cancer, no (unless it has spread to the intestinal tract as a met, I suppose). Maybe someone else will chime in soon with something about the cancer itself causing it......are you sure it's not coming from a combo. of the meds your dad is already on + nerves? Plus, the effects of radiation can last for months once radiation is stopped....even longer, I suspect, than the 2.5 months you say have lapsed since his last treatment.

How long has he been on Immodium at liberty and how has it worked for him so far, if at all? Has he been in the hospital lately and if so, has he been tested for C-diff (big time nasty that causes bad diahrrea, aches, pains, cramping, bloating....which things like Immodium won't touch for any relief)?

You mentioned aches and pains at the end of your post.....what kind of aches and pains is your dad having?


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I would think that mets in the intestines would cause more constipation than diarrhea. I happen to have diarrhea about 90% of the time - I don't have a gall bladder. I attribute the malfunctioning and ultimate surgical removal of my gall bladder to treatment.

Try adding more fiber to his diet - sticks, cardboard...kidding, just kidding. Fiber, like bran cereals and frozen peas (yeah, I couldn't believe it, either, but frozen peas are a pretty good source of fiber). Talk to a dietician about natural ways to increase his bulk fiber and help alleviate the diarrhea. I actually take fiber capsules to aid in my battle. Any little bit of grease, onions and fruits with seeds sets me off - and I'm sure there are many other dietary triggers. Check into what he's eating and what he can eat more of to help him "bind things up" so to speak.

Advil gel-caps are pretty good for treating aches and pains. He may not view that as chemical enhancement like the myriad of other pills he is currently popping. (And maybe, those symptoms of pain and diarrhea are some of his medications contraindicating.)

Take care,


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My first thought Is C.Diff An infection of the Intestinal System That causes diarhea. Treated with Vancomycin Flagyl and IV Fluids to prevent dehydration. Can be checked by simple test. Read On For Info;

What is Clostridium difficile?

C. difficile is a spore forming bacteria which can be part of the normal intestinal flora in as many as 50% of children under age two, and less frequently in individuals over two years of age. C. difficile is the major cause of pseudomembranous colitis and antibiotic associated diarrhea.

What are the risk factors for C. difficile-associated disease?

C. difficile-associated disease occurs when the normal intestinal flora is altered, allowing C. difficile to flourish in the intestinal tract and produce a toxin that causes a watery diarrhea. Repeated enemas, prolonged nasogastric tube insertion and gastrointestinal tract surgery increase a person's risk of developing the disease. The overuse of antibiotics, especially penicillin (ampicillin), clindamycin and cephalosporins may also alter the normal intestinal flora and increase the risk of developing C. difficile diarrhea.

What are the symptoms of C. difficile-associated disease?

Mild cases of C. difficile disease are characterized by frequent, foul smelling, watery stools. More severe symptoms, indicative of pseudomembranous colitis, include diarrhea that contains blood and mucous, and abdominal cramps. An abnormal heart rhythm may also occur.

How is C. difficile-associated disease diagnosed?

C. difficile diarrhea is confirmed by the presence of a toxin in a stool specimen. A positive culture for C. difficile without a toxin assay is not sufficient to make the diagnosis of C. difficile- associated disease. Endoscopic findings are useful in diagnosis of pseudomembranous colitis.

What is the treatment for C. difficile-associated disease?

As soon as C. difficile disease is diagnosed, current antibiotic therapy should be reassessed by the physician. Patients with severe toxicity or unresolved diarrhea may need to have their antibiotic treatment modified to use drugs not known to result in C. difficile diarrhea. Patients should be monitored for dehydration and electrolyte imbalance following prolonged bouts of diarrhea. Antidiarrheal agents such as Lomotil® or Imodium® have been shown to increase the severity of symptoms and should NOT be taken.

How can C. difficile-associated disease be spread?

Individuals with C. difficile-associated disease shed spores in the stool that can be spread from person to person. Spores can survive up to 70 days in the environment and can be transported on the hands of health care personnel who have direct contact with infected patients or with environmental surfaces (floors, bedpans, toilets etc.) contaminated with C. difficile.

How can C. difficile-associated disease be prevented?

Strict adherence to hand washing techniques and the proper handling of contaminated wastes (including diapers) are effective in preventing the spread of the disease. Environmental surfaces contaminated with C. difficile spores should be cleaned with an effective disinfectant (bleach). Limiting the use of antibiotics will lower the risk of developing C. difficile diarrhea.

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He's been on these med's for two years since his heart attack in combination with his usual anti- phsycotic's for the Manic Depression. There is alot, 14 assorted per day, some 2 or three times a day. Although this is not an uncommon amount to a cancer patient I'm sure ... Not one is for the cancer and no new med's can be introduced.

He said the diarehia started a week before radiation treatments (likely nerves) in mid April. Immodium was doing the trick then and he even had to cut back from 4 to 3 each dose. Now he's taking 4 (the max) it's not touching it. He gets up and out and has to turn right around to go back again sometimes. In Canada we have Irritated bowel syndrome ... same as your C-diff ... my sister he lives with has an extreme case of IBS. That makes for a war somedays if both are having a bad day :-).

My worry is the heart, lung specialist said from day one "the heart will give out before this cancer does anything." If he looses too much water too fast it could dehidrate him into heart failure. After 20 years of of hospitals (regardless of the reason) he's not in any hurry to go again. I want to respect that but don't want to leave anything for too long.

As for other aches and pains, he's loosing balance when walking (could be being newly deaf), he will whinse once in a while when taking in air. Stuff like that, but it's nothing he's complaining about or not taking the ventilian for. If I call and the doctor agrees with my concerns, he'll call him in. Hahaha, I've got alot of practice at this ....... VVee have ways........

But since I can do that I don't want to jump the gun unneccessarily. That's why I posted, to see if after this amount of time it's common to have this going on?



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Please read carefully the info. Randy provided on C-diff -- C-diff needs to be treated with specific antibiotics (it will not go away on its own) and things like taking Immodium can make it worse. C-diff can be transmitted from person to person as well if proper precautions are not taken and it must be tested for via a stool sample to properly diagnose. Sends big red flags up if there's a sister having lots of IBS trouble in the house.

With C-diff, the diahrrea is not encouraged to be stopped as the bad bugs give off toxins that you want the body to be allowed to expel -- BUT, the bad bugs are given the heave-ho outta' there with specific antibiotics. The problem clears up as the colonies of bad bugs are done away with and the intestional flora return to a healthy balance.

The danger of dehydration is huge if these runs aren't brought under control. With the danger to his heart, I'd certainly seek to try to get the doctor to agree to getting a GI specialist involved if your dad will permit it -- if for nothing else, life would be much more enjoyable not having to live most of it in the bathroom. And it could also be awfully hard on the heart to go through emergency rehydration therapy via IV fluids, I would suspect, if things really went awry. Don't think you're jumping the gun on your concern about it.

You say that no new meds. can be introduced -- why? If your dad has C-diff, he is going to have to take either Flagyl or oral Vancomycin to get it under control (for at least 10-14 days).


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When I low balled him and muttered "ask him about the runs" to the Cancer Assistant. A test was done, it was negitive. I do remember the phrase "bug" and she mentioned antibotic when talking him.

The IBS is a deteriation of the bowel and muscles making an over active or (in my case) under active bowel.

Still not good in the end since the runs are twice as worse now and the loss of water could be a danger. I'll phone the doctor and leave a message about what Dad has told me. I'm sure he has an appointment coming up soon .... I'll at least give the doctor the heads up and he'll ask more spesific questions. Dad won't admit it freely, but if he's asked something specifically, he'll be truthful about it.

He can't have any other medications because the combination with water, heart, colesterial, and anti phsycotics with trimmer med's on the side could be lethal. Every medication has to be carefully scrutinized to make sure nothing will counter act or adversely effect one of the others. Not only is there an issue of the combination, but if the heart can't take to many changes. We didn't know if the heart could take the changes when receiving the radiation ... it was possibly a direct heart attack for him. Well it actually was a direct hit since the mass is directly infront of the heart.


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Tammy I understand your dads situation a little better now. :oops: Not being from Canada I do not know how thing in the healthcare system work up there. Probably much simpler than here in the States :lol: The best solution I can offer is to get in touch with someone in Homeopathic Medicine. I have a link here that may help with some basic info but not completely sure. This link should get you in the Ballpark if you are thinking of this treatment.


cantharis keeps Coming Up for Homeopathic Remedies Click here For Cantharis


If you are Curious about hebal remedies I would start here;


these are my thoughts and suggestions for treatment. You definitely need to consult with Dr to amke sure there are no Cross effects from any of these Treatments. These are Non medical but could cause problems I think possibly with Meds.

Interaction info Link Found Here;

http://www.caregiver.com/channels/medic ... ctions.htm

Tammy I hope something here helps you or gives you a direction to look into. If I can Help with anything PM me here 2-3 times a day and do not mind helping. Sending Prayers.

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